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The patented Sparco gaming sock for the ultimate pedal feeling.
The optimized functional socks guarantee a sensational pedal feel
and the best grip with maximum hold. Thanks to a removable insole,
The socks can be converted into a "feeling configuration" as required,
thus enabling even finer contact with the pedal.
Optimal fit thanks to ergonomic foot shape. Additional reinforcements
made of Cordura at stress zones. Elastic material made of nylon and
microfiber that fits the foot. Equipped with silver ions for the silver effect:
Reflects the body's own heat, promotes the evaporation of moisture,
activates blood circulation and prevents unpleasant odors.
A "pull-on aid" has been integrated into the gauntlets for easy and quick entry.
Due to the asymmetrical plastisol and silicone coatings and the optimal fit,
these gaming socks ensure a high level of comfort, functionality and the best grip.
Material: nylon and microfiber, 86% polyamide 12 % silicone, 2 % elastane

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